Advertising Specifications

Production Information

Creative Format & Dimensions

Creatives must be submitted in "gif" or "jpg" format in three sizes:

  • Large Banners: In pixels - 120 (w) x 450 (h) maximum 20k file size
  • Large Banners: In pixels - 468 (w) x 60 (h) maximum 15k file size
  • Small Banners: In pixels - 120 (w) x 120 (h) maximum 15k file size
  • Small Banners: In pixels - 120 (w) x 60 (h) maximum 7k file size reserves the right to modify banner sizes at any time for any reason.

Delivery Instructions

Banners and Half-Banners can be submitted as attachments via e-mail to New creatives must be sent 5 business days prior to run start. Any changes or revisions from that point on require 2 full business days' notice.

If you would like the production team to pick up the creative from your site, please send specific instructions and URL to

Some rich media formats accepted. Animated banners must adhere to the same memory restrictions as non-animated creatives.

For Each Creative Submitted Please Include The Following Information:

  1. Name of creative (please indicate the name of the advertiser as well as the size of the creative, (e.g., xyzlg.gif, xyzsm.gif).
  2. Run start date, run stop date.
  3. Any specific rotation instructions.
  4. Alt. text (the text that should appear in place of the banner on text-only browsers).
  5. Connecting URL (after clicking on the creative, the URL to which a user will be redirected, ex:

In order for to put your creatives into production, all of the above information must be provided.