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Do you copy? The Life of a Truck Driver as you know it.

As a trucker, you face certain challenges others just don't understand. The life of a truck driver is like no other and can be challenging, rewarding, and frustrating all at the same time. When you need advice and truck driving information, you can count on the Truck Driver's Corner.

You'll have to make many decisions during your career and this section will help you gather useful truck driving information. The life of a truck driver is not just about being on the road, it's about your job, your lifestyle and your family.

Ask the Recruiter

Mike Howe

    Questions about your Career. Find out how to make your next move within the industry.

    The Job
    I want to address is your comment about how "easy" the job of a truck driver appears. I recommend taking a trip to the local truck stop and asking some drivers what their jobs are like. I am fairly certain "easy" will not be a term that comes up, but many people might just believe a driver simply sits behind the wheel...

DAC Stop

Derek Hinton

    Your DAC Report History-The Times, they have a'changed.
    I spent about 56 years in various positions with DAC/USIS (now HireRight) from 1984 till 2003. I was never in the accounting department. That said, I have been involved long enough to watch some changes over the years...

Trucking Industry Articles/Columns

  • Caring in Action - How important are clearance lights? On Christmas Eve a few years back, I was traveling to Houston for a festive holiday with my wife's family. My wife had gone ahead in our car and since I had a delivery in Houston after the holiday, I was bringing the load with my 18-wheeler...


  • Kicking The Can on Transportation Funding - The year 2015 feels a lot like 2013 and prior years, at least from a transportation funding perspective. The US Congress is once again struggling to meet its fiduciary responsibility of passing a long term highway funding plan. Instead, Congress continues to let politics get in the way of stability. Most recently, Congress was unable to even extend the current highway funding program through the end of 2015, and instead settled on a funding extension through the end of July 2015...

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