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Old 01-15-2001, 02:55 PM
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Default about swift/speed

why is it you whining *** drivers cry about slow trucks, so much?i drive a swift truck, and what i see is the same truck pass me 2-5 times each trip. if you are in that big a hurry , leave earlier and dont stop every truck stop or pickle park.We all do the same job, and who knows you might one day need that swift driver.And as far as what swift has done with the compnies they have bought watch the stock market, everything swift touches grows.And you cry about a 60 mph truck hell there is lots of them only going 5 mph faster.I think anyone who complains about swift is scared of what they are doing swift will be on top of the freight game, and to think they did it at 60 mph.A company that has always showed a profit every year., thats too funny.So grow up stop whining. see ya
Old 01-15-2001, 03:55 PM
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Default Swift

I think a lot of people view Swift as growing too big too quickly.
Brings to mind things like Microsoft and Ma Belle.
And as for the stock market...stocks go up, and down. How long will Swift be able to keep this up? Get too big, and Big Bro will sit up and take note, and then what?
Why take chances if you don't have too? There are plenty of companies out there that pay better, and treat their drivers better. True about any company mentioned. Someone's always got their favorite, and seems lots of people are happy with who they're with.
Good luck to you, hope you stay as happy with them as you seem.
Old 01-15-2001, 05:26 PM
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Default Slow trucks -

<why is it you whining *** drivers cry about slow trucks, so much?

For the same reason everyone whines about anything - it is a problem for them.

But the same thing happen in the airline industry back in the last fuel crunch - "normal" cruise before was .84 mach. The airlines slowed everyone down to .80 to .78 for fuel reasons - saved a ton of money and never went back to the .84. Was a mess for a while until it worked it's way through the industry, however.

Two things are different about trucks, however -

1) EVERYBODY is not going to go 60 on a 70 mph freeway so trucks that do can be a real problem for other drivers - truck, bus or 4 wheeler. It is and will continue to be a safty problem due to the fact that with all vehicles going the same speed on a road it is safer than mixed speeds. People get antsie and take chances to get around them.

2) And a very big two it is - airline pilots get paid BY THE HOUR, NOT BY THE MILE! He/she doesn't give a darn how long it takes to get there.

Until truckers get paid some other way than by the mile, some are always going to be in a hurry.

Old 01-16-2001, 10:43 AM
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Default more about other truckers

well , if they are in that big a hurry, to be somewhere why not leave early and ,learn how to be more efficeint.Learn how to not trash around at truck stops,so you want have to hurry and get back ahead of slower trucks.And as far as slower trucks being a problem, old saying comes to mind,"you cant do anything in hurry , but mess up".Why take the risk of speeding tickets , or worse killing yourself , or someone else by driving fast.I agree 60 mph is stupid, but I think big trucks should go slowerr than 4 wheelers, say 5 mph slower there is no way a truck weighing 80,000 pounds should be driving faster than posted speed limits.So everyone get ready , i think they should pass a law enforcing that all big trucks run 5 mph slower than posted speed limits.
So come on guys we all got a job to do , lets be brothers and sisters about it , and work together,we all need to take care of each other , instead of fighting amongest us about a slow truck, how immature.
Old 01-16-2001, 11:20 AM
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Default Well

<I agree 60 mph is stupid, but I think big trucks should go slowerr than 4 wheelers, say 5 mph slower there is no way a truck weighing 80,000 pounds should be driving faster than posted speed limits.

I agree with the last part of the statement - trucks should not be driving faster than the speed limit.

But don't agree about driving slower than speed limit/other traffic.

Use to be this way in many states as I recall - cars one speed and trucks another. Also reduced speed at nights.

Studies proved that mixed speeds are a serious safty issue - EVERYONE driving the same speed is by far the safest situation - just watch the Datoyna 500 - they can drive for hours at 190+ and never scratch a fender - - until someone tries to pass! :)

IMHO, if 70 is the posted interstate speed, trucks and cars should be at that speed unless conditions do not merit it. Trucks limited to 60 cause other drivers - trucks and 4-wheelers alike - to change lanes to get by, sometimes in a not safe manner when traffic is conjested.

But human nature being what it is, whatever "I" am doing is what one wants to do and everyone else is wrong!

Old 01-16-2001, 12:01 PM
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Default This issue comes up all the time....

This is a simple discussion of physics and a pure example of what wrong with the general public especially the motoring public. The fact is that the faster you go...the more fuel you use. There are even people who will argue that point.

Split speed limits do not bug me at all. The fact that some clown runs into the back of a truck is UNCONTROLLABLE by the driver! If you are going to be hit from the rear THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!!

The fact is that even if the speed limits were 90 mph some clown would be out there in a car (closely being tailgated by a truck) doing 150.

The fuel savings alone are enough to warrant a company slowing trucks down. The drivers share in the benifit by KEEPING THEIR JOBS!!

If you dislike split speeds...why is this issue never to slow the CARS down? It's always some dude or dudette who wants to run 75 mph through ohio?!?!?!?

I ran 55 all the time and actually never whined about it..It WAS a part of the job and It wasn't a rule that was hard to follow.

Old 01-16-2001, 03:36 PM
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Default about swift/speed

I drive locally in California, and I'm paid
by the hour. Therefore, I drive 55 all day
long. Since I drive a gasoline tanker, I'm
going to pay a minimum fine of almost $1500
for speeding, and I don't want to give a
week's pay to the state government for any
reason what-so-ever. Furthermore, I feel
safer letting traffic pass me. I can more
easily adjust my safety cushion and plan an
escape route for when something does go wrong
either beside me or in front of me which
happens in the Bay Area several times daily.
I want to go home standing in my shoes - not
in a crematory urn.

The only pet peeve I have is the way other
"professional" drivers treat me. They
tailgate, change lanes at the very last
possible moment and not hit me, and cut in
front of me only to brake and force me to
slow abruptly. Face it guys, the big rig is
the only other vehicle that can get through
my ICC bar, into my cargo tank, and cause a
rupture. The results are instantly
catastrophic (and pretty ****ed hot too).
If you want to speed in a state like
California or another state with a split
speed limit, that's your perogative, and I
don't have a problem with it. However, look
more than ten feet in front of your hood,
adjust your speed or change lanes sooner and
more safely. We ***** about automobile
drivers daily, but we also need to clean our
own house as well.

Old 01-16-2001, 04:16 PM
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Default speed

Right on, Professor! I, too, get paid by the hour and drive right at the speed limits here in MT. It amazes the hell out of be to see just how many "billy bigriggers" blow by me in a single day...and the whole time *****in' about fuel prices on the childrens band!
Old 01-16-2001, 04:45 PM
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Default Thats the TRUTH

Big Jake its so true isnt it. Last night I was running about 45 - 50 mph we had a bad ICE / SNOW storm. Heard a WHINER on the CB complaining everyone was holding him up and he had to run. When we got to a 4 lane section I see the lights in the HAMMER LANE he's on the MOVE, turns out he's a single axle shunt truck, well he had to weight and was no match for the road condtions. However he did SPINOUT real nice almost taking 3 or 4 of the slowpokes with him. His comment on the CB was ' GEE SHOULD HAVE STAYED BEHIND THE GOOD DRIVERS "
Old 01-18-2001, 08:20 AM
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Default Slow Pokes

I'm paid by the mile so if you can't do 5 miles over the speed limit Move Over so I can get by because I gotta go..... Nuff Said

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