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Old 01-26-2007, 12:31 AM
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Default Arnold Transportation Services

Some may have seen a few posts by me here and know that I have a few years experience doing this gig, so when I ask this, I don't want the standard fare of answers. (ie. turnover rate, fleet size, operating area, financial accountings, etc.) Albeit they're important to some extent, they're really not a factor, considering all but one, turnover partially, that a driver has any control over.

I'm considering a change of scenery.
I'd like to know what's up with this above titled company?

I've searched over this site and found a few references about them, but nothing substantial. Mostly passing mentionings.

If anyone HERE actually "works" for them, I'd prefer hearing from you. If no one does, that's ok too. I'm just NOT after speculation and/or war stories. Save those for the coffee counters. I'm after the facts please.

I want to know about things like how honest the dispatch(ers) are, if there's alot of wasted UNPAID time, if the company keeps it's word, if you're treated well, if you get paid for what you do.

Simply, are they a decent outfit to work for, or are they another run of the mill....?

I ask this because this company really raked me over the coals BEFORE finally approving me to work for them. Not that I mind it. They're just doing their homework, as am I.

However, I was wondering how much of it is a bluff, (if any of it) that's designed to make prospective drivers feel "honored " to be "allowed" to work for them, or if it's just a ploy to make you think they have high standards and therefore, you'll be treated better than your "average" company driver. All in an effort to have you perform better?

Any of this make sense?

They ran me through the grinder and it just got me thinking. I have NEVER been put through such scrutiny in all my years of trucking. They brought up stuff that happened over 10 years ago. (Tickets and such...NO criminally related things, thank heavens there isn't any of that stuff to worry about).

Just wondering if there's an ulterior motive at work here or if they're just that picky?

Thanks in advance.
Old 01-26-2007, 11:13 AM
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Default Let me tell you what I learned....

This company is heads and shoulders above any I have been and I have been at two very good carriers (in my opinion), where I was treated right, etc.

Yes, they're very very very very picky!! That "pickiness" doesn't even braise the surface of what you go through during Orientation. No less than 5 drivers (out of 16) were sent home during Orientation because of one or two little peddly things. I was shocked!! One guy that was sitting next to me was going to be a lease operator and they sent him packing. He had 25+ plus years of experience behind him, clean record, etc., but they *found* a workers' comp. injury from 17 years ago that he didn't report and told him uh-uh. no way. Hit the road Jack. They gave me HECK about my own leg injury. They gave another driver a twice over because he was on that "border" of having one too many jobs in a 4 year period.

The recruitment of just getting on was easier than what you had to do during Orientation because during Orientation, they delved even deeper into your work history and actually verified all 10 years of work experience! Do you know how difficult (if not impossible) that is to do???????? One girl, at the last minute, was trying to find a contact number for a BP station that she worked at 10 years ago! If you don't want them to verify something, don't put it on paper. List it as an employment gap. An employment gap is acceptable....but a place with no contact info. is not. YOu better have a backup plan if someone you worked with is no longer in business, or, at the very least, bring some tax statements with you, or logbook, or something that will verify your employment with an individual.

It's tough. Super tough to get on with them. And once in Orientation, they do not hesitate to send you packing if they find one little thing in your history. They explained that too - and they said that it was difficult to find the best of the best drivers. Last year, they only had a 71.42% turnover rate which is pretty darned good when compared with, say for instance, Covenant is at 133%.

Arnold has 1880 tractors - so they're a decent sized carrier.

But Arnold, although they don't "brag" about being the top paying carrier in the industry, does NOT forget about the driver and make sure that their drivers are taken care of and treated fairly. they have little ways during the load to make extra money (detention, etc.)

A couple of guys affected by the merger of Yellow/Roadway, were in Orientation with me this week. It was our collective opinion, that Arnold was probably one of the *best* companies, as far as taking care of drivers, and as close as you can get to a Unionized company --- without having a Union backing. As far as fairness is concerned, they have made a conscious effort to make their drivers the companies biggest asset. They stated, "if we invest in our drivers, then they'll invest in us". And certainly, that is apparant.

If I were to go back into full-time trucking, I think this is where I would go.

However, ATS was probably one of the WORST companies out there 3 or 4 years ago and they stated as such during Orientation. Then they went into a little bit of history.

USXpress owns 80% of the company and some of the "cleaning" up included turning their financials over to a larger company with a bigger checkbook. As a result, all trucks are automatics and up to USXpress standards. But other than that, they are independently functioning company - and will never completely *merge* with USX as far as changing names, etc.

It takes a lot to impress me, to be honest, because when I got out of OTR in the middle of last year, I was making $.48/mile. But all of that came at a *high* price with lots of unpaid layovers, small equipment expenses that got overlooked for reimbursements, 21+ day dispatch, etc., and a whole host of other things. At Arnold, I can see the $55K-$60K mark every single year...and it's not all from mileage. They pay for things that other companies won't "touch", like a guaranteed detention pay paid in 15 minute increments. In addition, they take their home time seriously. Instead of getting your 34 restart in a truckstop somewhere, they route you HOME!! They have the linehaul (relay) business wrapped up, let me tell ya'. I was surely impressed.

If you want more information, please email me. I'll answer whatever questions you have. I just got home from Orientation yesterday.


Old 01-26-2007, 06:55 PM
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Default Having problems

Check them out here, Looks like they are having some problems right now. No never worked for them. Lower numbers the better. 100 is the worst. orm=

Inspection Selection System (ISS-2) Recommendation*
(As of December 22, 2006)
US DOT #: 148974 MC #: 149541
ISS Inspection Value: 98
ISS Recommendation: INSPECT
Basis for Recommendation: Safety
Old 01-26-2007, 07:06 PM
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Default YO YAK!!

Hey how do you find that info out about a company?

Do you just go on that website and enter a company name?


Wondering in Williamsburg.

Old 01-26-2007, 07:38 PM
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Default Yes, I know.

they discussed that fact. But they are off that list as of January. There were bulletins posted all over the place..i.e. breakrooms, etc.

They are okay for this month (January).

Old 01-26-2007, 08:30 PM
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Default Information on companies

Yes put the company name in, if you have the DOT or ICC number that is the best.
Old 01-26-2007, 08:36 PM
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Default GG?

Thanks for the invite to e-mail you, but I think I'd rather keep things above board here so others who might have an inclination to join them, will have easier access to finding the information that might be exchanged.

I guess I'm a bit unclear.

You got out of trucking last year. And, if you were to go back to work full time, you'd want to work for them. Yet you just came back from orientation?


Orientation for them or was it somewhere else?

If it's somewhere else, how'd you glean so much information about them?

If it's somewhere else, what happened to Arnold?

You working for them?

I'm confused?
Old 01-27-2007, 05:28 AM
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Default I'm confused...

But I sure don't disagree. The URL for your source is below and the ISS number and "inspect" recommendation could have been for previous poor performance.

If you google "safersys" it will lead you another website and "carrier snapshot" says that Arnold has a satisfactory safety rating. There numbers for inspections, accidents and such are slightly better than average which puzzles me.

I tend to agree with GG, but I've never driven a mile for them. Camp Hill isn't far from my home and I have delivered to them several times. I've asked drivers what they thought as "just in case" info and they've been pretty positive. I realize that talking to a couple of drivers isn't a realistic overview of a company.
Old 01-27-2007, 01:12 PM
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Default ISS Score

Way I understand it the ISS score is for that month. So for the month of December they had a lot of major problems.

There is a big difference between SAT and Unsat, Like pass of fail. Think it would take many bad inspections or something real major to get into that group.

Driver who get lots of tickets and make false entries on logs hurts scores also. They have a lot of that.

There is also more to it that the general public has access to.

Maybe someone here can explain this better
Old 01-27-2007, 01:19 PM
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Default As our company explained it to us...

Some of the goofups are cumulative and can go beyond inspection results and accidents. I guess company paperwork compliance is also tied in with it and once they start looking at a company, they keep an eye on them for awhile to ensure that they shape up. I am really just stating the opinion of our safety guys and I don't know the facts. =0)

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