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Old 09-16-2000, 05:17 PM
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Default Buying a truck

Hi. I drove a truck for several years, many years ago. I recently got back into trucking as a part-time driver for a small company running short line hauls. I am considering buying a truck from an auction site. Most of what they have up for auction are 95-96 models spec'ed for a fleet and not an O/O. Be that as it may, one can buy a good used truck (with low mileage)at one of these sites for a very reasonable price which will make the monthly payments reasonable. I would very much appreciate all of the experienced truckers reading this board helping me to answer the following questions: (1) Because they are easier to manuver in tight spaces, I am thinking about buying a Cab-Over. I know that most O/O's and fleets are now phasing out COE's in favor of conventionals. Question: What advantages does a cab-over have over a conventional? Conversely, what advantages does a conventional have over a cab-over? (2) How big an engine does it take to run a loaded 80,000 pound truck? Most of the used fleet trucks are spec'ed for 350 horsepower. Is this enough or is a bigger engine needed? How is the fuel economy on a 350 hp engine as compared to say a 435 hp engine? (3) Who makes the most dependable engines? Cummins, Caterpillar or Detroit? (4) How important is it to have air ride suspension on the cab? (5) How big of a sleeper would it take for the average Husband & Wife (or significant other)to be comfortable on the road? (6) Is a Jake Brake advisable or necessary, especially for an inexperienced driver? What is your opinion of a Jacobs Compression brake as compared to the standard Jake Brake? (7) What are the pros and cons of having a 10 speed transmission as compared to a 9 speed transmission? (8) How important is it to have two fuel tanks as opposed to one? Thanks in advance for your time in helping me answer these questions>

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