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Old 05-02-2001, 03:27 AM
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Default Do I need a high school diploma to drive


I was wondering if I needed a high school diploma to drive trucks for a living.

I'm 19 and I have little with other jobs.

Thanks for your help.
Old 05-02-2001, 05:45 AM
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Default Diploma

Short answer is no. But you do need to know how to read maps, plan your time, calculate hours, fuel mileage, fuel stops, pickup and arrival times, etc. If an employer has a choice between a diploma holder and you, all else being equal, who do you think they'll choose?
Why don't you work on getting a GED or diploma? It will open your opportunities. BOL
Old 05-02-2001, 09:07 AM
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Default Can't help myself

Farmboy Sealord gave you the right answer but I can't help myself, I will give you the lecture.

You NEED that high school diploma to show that you are a responsible part of society. It proves that you complete what you start.

By dropping out, you are saying that you gave up. You don't want nothing more out of life than what is at hand. You have no ambition. You do not wish to better yourself.

These statements may or may not apply to you, but that is how our society reads it.

I'm just asking you to think of your future. Would you want the same for YOUR kids? I doubt it. You would want better.

When did you drop out? What were your issues?
Just think how proud your parents will be when you say that your going back to finish your senior year.....just think how proud YOU will be!

Your young enough to get back and finish what you started....think about it.
BTW, you can't drive a truck on the road till your 21, that gives you lots of time to finish what you started.

Good luck to you.
Old 05-02-2001, 05:29 PM
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Default diploma

Those that have already replied are correct that you don't have to have a diploma to drive a truck, but don't think for a minute that not having one won't close at least a few doors in your face.

My husband (we are both drivers) never graduated and there have been at least a couple of times that lack of a diploma has knocked him out of the running for a desirable driving job. A diploma - whether high school or college - doesn't necessarily mean you know anymore than someone who doesn't have one, but it does show that you can make a commitment and finish what you've started.

One other aspect that is a little easier now in these days of computers is that if you decide you want to go back to school, need classes to help you pass your GED, try finding a school that will fit with your truck-driving schedule. You can find online help for this, but if you need tutoring to pass - good luck!

If you want to drive, try getting your class B CDL and drive a dock or delivery truck locally while you finish school. Messyme's right - you can't drive interstate until at least 21 (unless they change the law like they're talking about). Even if the law changes, any carrier looking at younger drivers would probably start with high school diploma as one of their minimum requirements.

Don't make a mistake that you will definitely regret somewhere down life's road. End of lecture - didn't mean to!

BOL to you.
Old 05-02-2001, 05:42 PM
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Default Ged Is easy why not get it

Most Local Junior colleges have a program called the Abe program when i was in college I payed my way by being a tutor in one. Ive seen 85 year old people go back and get theyre diploma. most of these programs have nightclasses and are open during day peice of cake to gety and a chance to meet people.
I didnt complete highshcool either I was a wild child lol. But i went baqck got Ged and even got a shcolorship, just becasue ya quite isnt end of the road. Why am I looking for a job in trucking because i have a family and shcool isnt putting food in threir mouthes. hope I helped
Old 05-02-2001, 10:34 PM
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Default You guys are right.

Thanks a lot everyone.

I don't mind the lectures because my father and I never talk much so it's no problem at all.
I dropped out of High school because high school ****s these days and sob sob, the same old story about not being cool.. blah blah..
Anyway, I'm a guy who likes solitude and I want to visit different places so trucking sounded perfect. You guys are right though, it sounds better when you guys say the stuff about the GED since I want to do the same things you do and you have experience.
Old 05-03-2001, 07:46 AM
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Default Diploma

Classy response, Farmboy.
You may want to check with your state employment(unemployment) office about a program called School to Work Opportunites Act which is part of Work Force Investment Act (used to be JTPA). I believe they may have resources that could help you meet your education and employment goals. BOL
Old 05-04-2001, 06:23 PM
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Default Farm boy

The majority of millionaires in the US are school drop outs.The founders of the largest corporations such as United Fruit who sold apples from A cart.Henry Ford was A dropout.There is more than one way to learn.Experience is still the best teacher.I know one driver that can neither read or write.My dyslexia forced me to drop out.I know from personel experience.All diplomas are from those that think they have the formula for success.Follow you own bliss.Do give it your all.Get better than everyone else about doing something,anything.Somebody must hire all those graduates,It might as well be you.
Old 05-04-2001, 07:37 PM
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Default A Diploma

Does not make you better than someone else because you have one and it does not make you worse if you do not.But what it does do is show someone(a possible employer)that you have done what was required of you to do.Farmboy do not let what others think of you determine your life.Go get your GED and do not let them "cool fools" win.You know what you want to do,so go do it.Good luck to you.
Old 05-04-2001, 10:06 PM
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Default Diploma

I question when the topic is really going to come up. I hold two College degrees, no one has ever asked to look at them, nor my High School Diploma except for the Army.

I agree that basic skills such as Arthimatic, and reading comprehension are very important in any field. However, that piece of paper isn't any proof that you have those skills.


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