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Old 08-04-2004, 10:02 PM
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Default training for werner

i was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much a trainer makes at werner.i was with them for a year and then went to drive locally around the philly area for the last 3.5 years and its really getting stressfull being in this traffic all day everyday.
so any help would be appreciated.
Old 08-05-2004, 08:49 AM
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Default Werner

Here's a novel concept, why don't you contact them and find out what trainers get paid. They may not be big on your recent "local" driving, though. BOL
Old 08-05-2004, 06:08 PM
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Default Training? for what reason?

You have to ask yourself WHY you want to train. A few more questions to ask youself about training

Do you think that after two weeks you can happily hop in the sleeper and drive as a full team?

In my opinion the main reason that most fleet drivers become trainers is based purely on financial gain! They want miles and the company insists that the "only" way that this driver can get more miles is to become a trainer. So the trainer classes are full of people who are worried about their own pockets rahter than the welfare of the prospective drivers.

Old 08-05-2004, 09:24 PM
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Default training and $

well of course everyone has bills to pay but money isnt my main motivation. i am a very good driver and i have a great safety record and im a responsible employee(always on time and considerate)
i try and be professional and keep my truck very clean and am very easy on equipment. so what im saying is i think i set a good example, and my company i work for has rewarded me for my work and my highly polished and well cared for truck.
if i can pass any of my traits onto future drivers i would feel i accomplished something. i was raised around trucks and my father was an owner operator and taught me the importance of driving a truck like an owner operator does-LIKE ITS YOURS AND YOU R PAYING 4 THOSE CLUTCHES TRANNYS AND REARS WHEN U GO JERKIN AND RIPPIN AROUND.i see idiots doing this every frickin day like they are in some hurry coming off from a red light loaded and acting as if they were driving a car-duh!
Old 08-05-2004, 10:45 PM
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Default I'll ask it again...

Do you feel you are willing / able to jump in the back of the truck and "sleep" after just two weeks with this student?

And are you willing to accept that some student coordinator (rather than you) can / will better judge your student's capabilites while sitting in a cubicle in Omaha? If they say that this students is capable, then you are now listed as a "team". If you disagree, you must contact the coordinator DAILY if not hourly with the reasons that you "feel" that this driver is not able to be left alone!

There are just VERY few companies which allow the actual training of students! The movement of freight by "trainer teams" is simply in my opinion a way for the companies to cover loads (very cheaply) that are too late to be delivered by conventional means.

Can you do all this cleaning and polishing while trying to get enough sleep to survive??

Old 08-06-2004, 04:48 AM
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Default Correct

Fozzy is right on the money.

I was a trainer for a large trucking company and I saw first hand how other trainers made big bucks by pushing their trainees as well as everyone's luck.

I refused to run "team" with ANY trainee. How can a trainer "train" from a bunk while looking at their eyelids from the inside? Simple answer, they CAN'T.

If a trainee wasn't cutting it, I made that known. What the COMPANY did from that point on was on the company, not me. I put a few trainees back on the sidewalk. I WOULDN'T pass them out of respect and concern for OTHER drivers, as well as for themselves.

Sometimes it was due to a lack of talent and/or skills, but more often than not, it was due to a bad attitude. I WILL NOT STAND for a bad attitude, NO WAY!!! I told the company my feelings BEFORE they sent me to trainer orientation to be SURE we were on the same page. I had no problems with the managers. If I had, I would have walked right out of that position in 1/2 a heartbeat.

I DIDN'T make the big bucks some other trainers did. What I made was a quality product. THAT was my goal. I achieved that.

They did me proud for the most part. Many remained with the company for years. Other trainer's trainees often quit after one year. Go figure.
IMO, A GOOD trainer isn't out for the
M O N E Y. Rather, the BEST interest of the trainee and the industry. No two trainees are alike. Each one will require individual attention.

If one believes they CAN be an effective trainer, I say, "GO FOR IT!" We need you. YOU can learn from your trainees, too. It's a most rewarding opportunity to train. I enjoyed my time as a trainer, and under the proper circumstances, I'd do it again.
Old 08-06-2004, 09:13 PM
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Default i hear what ya's r saying

thats the down side of it...what the companies true interests are. is is cheap labor-i tend to agree. i remember my first trainer at werner sat with me for literally about 30 minutes after he picked me up in allentown and told me to head west on 78 and continue west on the turnpike and wake him up when we got to ohio. then he went to bed and i was scared ****less driving this big *** classic and a heavy load down the pa turnpike by myself and it was dark out.
but i guess he was just so tired and the load had to be delivered on time. there were quite a few loads wher we were running like a real team would have to run.
that does scare me to think about that.
werner called me today and despite all of my friving experience and training and my good driving record-they will require me to go out with a trainer and train for 4 weeks. they said we will run team loads and i will get paid $400 a week gross.
so i told the recruiter i couldnt agree with that sort of pay for 4 weeks and i dont wanna be a part of running hard team loads night and day and support their idea of cheap labor.
so i dont think after all i will go ahead with my idea. although i wish in an ideal situation i could help a new driver out and teach him some good safe driving habits and courtesies on the road.
thx for the responses from both trainers here.

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