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Old 08-03-2001, 09:48 PM
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Default what's a bad driving record?

I was recently pumpkin axed into my second week of training due to my bad driving record. When I sent in my application, I also sent in a copy of my driving record, the pumpkin powers told me that was fine, not to worry, etc, go ahead and go to training. Well, I went - and did well! - but learned that they don't do the checks until you are in class. They said they waited until they got the actual DMV report to make their decision. What a waste of my time and theirs when they already had it in hand!! My point is this: I have one ticket from 2000 (1-9 over) and one from 1999 (10-19 over) and 3 that are over five years old. I have a few non-moving violations on there for not getting a city sticker or inspection (including a recent one), but no dui's, no arrest record, etc. I KNOW I am not the only wanna be driver out there with a record like mine. I was told they take into consideration the past three years (two tickets) with no tickets in the past year (which I only had a non moving violation ticket).

I'm not ready to give up, I know I want to do this, and I will. I plan on sending out a ton of applicaitons this week to the other companies on my list who train. Any feedback, comments from anyone??
Old 08-03-2001, 10:21 PM
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Default I think I can help......

It sounds like you live in Virginia like me. I had 2 bad marks on my driving record, that cost me a job with the "great pumpkin" back in 1999. Both of the bad marks were non driving infractions. One happened in 1997 when I was walking home from the bar (I live across the street from it) and the police were doing a stake out on "drunk in publics". Once I left the bar and started across the street a cop called me over and gave me a ticket for being drunk in public. The next was when my Mom was visiting and borrowed my car to go to the National Zoo in D.C. She got a ticket for running a red light at one of those redlight cameras. I got the picture in the mail and a fine. When I applied at Schnieder they refused my application because both of the fines were listed on my driving record. I drive for Stevens Transport. Go with a winner. They treat a newbie right!
Old 08-03-2001, 10:58 PM
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Default Driving records

A lot of companies will not consider anyone, regardless of experience, with two or more moving violations within seven years. This isn't really the company; but the insurance company. If they chose to hire people in this category; the insurance rates increase dramatically. There are a lot of companies; usually smaller companies that would consider your circumstances. Good luck.
Old 08-04-2001, 12:36 PM
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Default the will

yes, I do live in Virginia. I am considering going to trucking school and maybe that will open up my options for me rather than relying on the few companies that do the training. I have a sister in Texas who is gracious enough to let me stay with her while I attend the school near her. I think at this point, that may be my best option. I'm not ready to give up. I know this is what I want to do. Where there's a will, there's a way...and I've got the will....
Old 08-14-2001, 01:39 AM
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Default bad driving record

give up???
those words shouldnt even exist

keep trying

from::: another newbie with similar troubles mine is my **** work history
i havent given up yet either

Old 08-14-2001, 11:27 AM
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Default BOL fellow virginians!

im in virginia too. got a great driving record, never a violation of any kind. but since i been at home, i have no "work history" pumpkin people dont like that either, i guess. never even got the "call back the next day" oh well. im not giving up. BOL fellow virginians

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