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Old 08-01-2009, 01:07 AM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

I have never driven for Werner but agree with Big Joe and the others. Werner is probably as good a place as any to start right now. Considering the state of the economy probably almost any place that will train you and give you a chance is a good choice. (Except CRE)

The key is to keep your driving record clean and learn as much as you can. After a yr you will have many more oportunities open to you and hopefully a lot more knowledge as to what will work best for you. Maybe even Werner will be a good fit for you, they have many drivers that have been there a long time.

Best of luck and keep us posted'

Ignorance and Illiteracy can be overcome, Stupidity is everlasting.
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Old 08-03-2009, 11:03 PM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

Originally Posted by ningi View Post
I drove for Werner for a total of 7.5 mos as a team driver. We were a high mileage team, that rarely asked for time off before 10wks on the road none stop. Our thanks for running so continously? Having our truck ordered to stop at an unauthorized fuel stop for otr trucks, the truck "Stolen", then recovered 2hrs later on Werner Property by Charlotte NC PD. Ordered by werner to complete delivery in atlanta ga, than ordered to werner yd in atlanta ga, then fired, ordered off property, and have been unable to gain re-employment with any transportation company since. DAC reports NOT DRIVER PREVENTABLE, and werner tried to convince CHPD that it was a horrible mistake, the company was only recovering a truck from the fuel stop....Recover my a--, the "Recovered Truck" wasn't even the same type, color, vin#, MDOT# or TR#, plus it was a bobtail. Ours was still in the fuel pullup lane...with a LIVE BORDER DHL LD!!! on the ATTACHED TRLR!

Good luck with the company, cann't tell you how many drivers you are going to meet that werner FIRED, then rehired due the drivers not being able to get work anywhere else, except at a company that denigriates it's employees who operate the vehicles. Get used to your delivery directions in NY and NJ or anywhere else for that matter, NOT EVEN BEING UP TO DATE OR ACCURATE!!!! and Heaven forbid! you should find 6 streets off of a main street next to the atlanta airport with the same name, and the street you need, doesn't even have the proper name showing until you terrify the airport with driving past the rear takeoff fence. Heaven forbid, you should find more than 1 street in the same area with the same for any of your deliveries! Good luck with the paperless log system as well. Don't breath on the QC, pray the wind doesn't blow, and most of all, don't rock the boat climbing in or out, otherwise you will violate yourself/or logs will do it for you to the point you lose your job.

Once again, have fun with an improperly run company. Safety should have been replaced long before. The DOT needs to pull it's head out of Werner's log departments rear, and truly investigate the companies mismanagement issues from the logs on up.

Feeling you there.

I drove for all of 6 months, including training which was extended an additional month beyond the original 2 months because we were literally parked here and there waiting for freight.

Now I will own up to the fact I'm not the easiest guy to train and in fact there were a couple of incidents that would have gotten me instantly canned. But I thank my trainer for his patience (He was my first trainer and had a very dim view of Werner and its policies). He gave me a chance to redeem myself which I did.

Fast forward to almost 4 months later when he had to turn in his truck. We parted ways and I sat in the Omaha terminal for 2 days before I was assigned my second and final trainer.

I was paired with one who had a dedicated route for Dollar General. Talk about some hard work!

I was with that trainer for about 6 weeks and man did we have some adventures. Horrendous weather, weigh station inspections, getting lost, and a slew of other problems but I learned a lot--least of all being the knack to get to any place on the map no matter how obscure and hidden it is.

One of those adventures included me backing us into a ditch in the dead of night (after I got us lost). We had to be towed out.

So... fast forward again to when I finally graduate and get assigned my own truck, a short nose Pete.

At first I am assigned a couple local runs inside of Omaha--which is weirdly laid out. On my last trip there, I went the wrong direction, made a left into a wide privately owned drive way (mistook it for an actual street) to turn around. No problem, I got lucky in that it was wide enough to pull into, turn and come back out to make a right.

Unfortunately this happened not too far from the terminal and I was spotted. What makes it worse is from the angle I was spotted it looked like I had made a U-turn which is against company policy.

So my first trip out of the city I get a call from safety asking me what happened. I told them and they said okay and that was the end of it. Or so I thought.

Now I am due for some serious hometime and they were supposed to be routing me towards CA where I live, but all I get are deliveries going from north to south and one going east with a few false ones to CA that were pulled because of re-evalution or some such.

Finally I get a delivery that sticks and takes me to almost within stone's throw of where I live. There is a scheduling problem with the delivery and I wind up 24 hours down waiting to be unloaded. Then I get a quack message that I need to bring the truck in for PM.

A bell went off in my head. I just got the truck so shouldn't it already have been through that? But I didn't think much of it. After delivery I'm supposed to take it to the Fontana terminal and get scheduled. Plan was for me to be set-up for it at the nearby TA the next morning. Okay, cool, I can relax there before I get to go home.

Well... computer glitch, the mechanics cant schedule me so I sit at the terminal overnight. Go into the shop and they tell me everything is cool and to go on over. So I hop in the truck, hit the gate, and the guard stops me there as I check out.

"You're on lockdown," she says.


"Yeah, Safety wants to see you."

So I'm thinking oh, it must be for the little mishap I had at a consigninee back in Omaha (too embarrassing to repeat here--lol)

So after cooling my heels behind 3 other guys, an hour later I'm called in.

And told, "You made a U-turn. you're fired."

I'm like, "What? That was not a U-turn, I pulled into private property (Maybe pissing off the owners, but hey I was green and stuff happens)

But no, he says I was seen making a U-turn and that I'm fired--no appeal process or nothing, almost 2 weeks after it happened.

I think something else was going on because if it was an issue how come they dint pull me in right away and terminate me? If it was because they needed to investigate, the spot where it happened was only a couple blocks from the terminal. A day.. 2 tops and then pull me in and fire me.

But after I've made a number of deliveries? I wasn't a safety hazard?

I'd been hearing stories of a whole slew of drivers being terminated from Werner and that they were only running teams.

My mistake was that I let them walk me out. Not only that, walk me out without being given anything in writing. Chalk that up to inexperience.

But I think it cost me my career as a driver because now with a couple of dings on my DAC (that I know about), the economy and the fact I got terminated, nobody will touch me...

So the moral of this sad story is: if you do start working for Werner, watch your back.

[We]rner [Care]s

What makes it so bad is after struggling through training, I finally actually get it, and get decent at it. I was never late no matter where they sent me and in the short time I ws solo, actually got pretty good at trucking.
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Old 08-03-2009, 11:20 PM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

What a great story albeit sad. You newbie pukes read and heed.
And thats the bottom line because Big Joe said so.
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Old 10-13-2009, 06:51 PM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

i have just applied with them hoping they will overlook my DAC.just to get a foot in the door in this industry is hard these days. i'd take the job,be positive,and do your best to follow company guide lines while your there.that's about all any of us can do.
as for me i just need a job right now and almost any will do while i look to upgrade for the future.we all gotta start somewhere and my first job was for .18 per last employer screwed me so now i have to go back to the begining but i'm not giving up.
work hard,be honest,and believe in yourself!
good luck man!
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Old 10-15-2009, 02:57 PM
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Exclamation Re: For Werner Drivers

Honest facts:

i worked for werner twice. Once right out of school, so I had the Training Experience. Boot camp was better, Honest.

1trainer : totally broke evern though he made 1000 a week (net) while i have my pittence training pay. he had bread, bolonga, and cheese in his truck, that was it. So everytime I had a burger, I had to guilt of this. I had to craim my belonging at my feet. 3 weeks worth of stuff, plus me craimed into a top bunk of a 379 pete. This trainer was not training me, first day he put me in the truck, driving a long nose, and puling 40K, and a transmission i wasn't used to and went to bed. i had no support at all!!

final straw with this trainer was 65 miles ah hr on a snow covered road, with visiablility of maybe 100ft in WY. I actually thought he might kill me.

2nd trainer: owner Op with a super 10, and was pissed when i grinded the gears. He didn't let yuo touch anything cause it was HIS truck, but I sure did drive every minute of my 11 hrs every day, even if he didn't drive 5 minutes. He slept in his underwear, and stayed up late watcing tv because he hadn't worked all day. he also drove 100 miles out os his way to goto a strip club in MO.

3rd trainer (only last 3 weeks) .. he was awesome, I have no complaints, was attentive, answered questions, and tought me.

The second time I worked for them as a trainer (only so I could train my dad). Course they stole our truck from us in LA, and sent us in a rental car to denver, but there was no truck for us there. I finally got a truck 4 days later, 379 pete. Nice truck, except it was trashed, mud covered on the inside.. More on that in a second. First trip out found out that needed tires, wouldn't start, and a/c was broke. Spent 2 more days at terminal ALL UNPAID!!! Finally leave for a short 250 mile run. truck breaks down when i get to shipper. Power steeering pump broke, fluid all over property. Werner wants me to drive it 140 miles back to Terminal, i refuse play phone and qcom tag for 5 hrs, before they finally agree to send a wrecker and send to peterbuilt dealer.

peterbuilt dealer finds out that the clamp wasn't connected to power steering hose, and upon further inspection finds that there are 4 looseNuts on my Ubolt holdin the front suspention to the frame, and that inner tierod ends were only hand tight. Why did they find this, because I found out that this truck had been rebuilt after a rollover accident a month earlier, and I had instisted that since werner couldn't tighten a hose clamp to do closer inspection. Thank God i did, I was told by the mechanic that if they had come off going down the road, i would had my steers go under the truck, possibly flipping the truck, but certainly rolling it over.. (wonder whose fault that would have been).

i complained to everyone.. i took the copies of those papers to the supervior of the shop, the terminal manager, and even got on the phone with safety at corporate. i got a, "sorry what do you want us to do now?" Then they inspected the truck (what a relief) and sent me on my way. needless to say 10 days later I was home, and I quit werner, I refuse to ever go back, i value my life to much.

-Big E
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Old 10-23-2009, 12:13 PM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

Hey Kenny I drove for werner up untill late 07
Untill then i was happy with the job and company they treated me good i felt but have heard storys from other driver's of the problems they have had,I drove a daycab for them on an account in columbus ohio and made good money at it i felt anyway ,y weekly gross was between 800 and 1000 per week working 5 1/2 days a week my pick up was at 4am and i was home with my truck at 2:30 during the week and on saterday i was home by 10 am I drove between 26000 to 3000 mpw untill I took a leave of absence for medical reasons upon my return was told i was gone to long and would have to reapply but I would keep my seniourity when i reapplied was set to go to a new account called to confirm my start date and was told i needed to speak to some other guy who told me they couldnt hire me becuase of my mvr but as soon as one of the infractions droped off they would put me back in the seat,,,well when that happend i repplied again and was told they decided to go with another driver and upon getting my dac report they had put in there that they had terminated me so im playing hell rite now trying to get anothe driving job because of the termination on the dac which they didnt terminate me I wasnt even completily rehired yet so take it for what its worth,if you can I would suggest you get a daycab job with them if you stay with them it pays alot better then the over the road jobs do.
Good luck
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Old 10-24-2009, 08:39 PM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

Originally Posted by nyndy8altyse View Post
Here's the real deal on Werner. I am an owner op with Werner. I was a company driver for 7 years and a trainer for 6 of those 7. All total I have been with Werner for 8 years and continue to be a trainer today. My first year I made 34 k as a solo driver. My last year as a trainer I made 65 and was home every weekend. As with anywhere you go. Your first year will be difficult. Adjusting to the life as a driver. You will also be bombarded with negativity from every angle including yourself. The trick to making it in this business is to have fun and staying positive. I know this isn't much of a detailed company description but my fingers are tired. Should you have any questions at all. Don't hesitate to call me at 931 206 7442. I am always here to help as much as I can. And rest assured that Werner is a good company to work for and be a part of.
I agree I had no probs with werner other then at the end there with the termination on my dac other than that I liked working for them,I had 2 good trainers to start and had a bunch of good ppl in our dispatch office and like you said your first year just keep a good additude roll with the punch's and you shou be fine...
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Old 10-30-2009, 12:37 AM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

Hey Kenny
Hi there i went to werner right out of truck school heard a lot of bad things about them but thought well just give it a go so i did..........! after 7 months of probably the worst company in any job i have worked for i left. my tainer was only 3 months driving a truck then teaching me ....? man that was bad. , did team for a bit even worse all we did was recover abandoned or sold trucks and we had Laods tagged on for the trips

The Company i think isnt BAD just a lot of the people in there little "Empires" at the terminals ect who could care less about drivers and why should they? they get to go home each night and have a paycheck each week?

Yes spent a lot of time hanging around Werner Hotels and terminals with $50 per week advances for food waiting for assigned trucks that never appererd, not that we were on our ow there was a lot of drivers including Werner Vetren drivers who were treated like ****

The last straw for me was a $28 pay check (after deductions ) and $0.06 cents a mile as company team driver I left and am now looking too try to find a halfway decent Company to work for . learned a lot and my mistake ,
Just ,my experaince mate some have better luck but not that many good luck mate.
Celtic Biker
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Old 11-18-2009, 04:01 PM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

So, you still doing miles for WERNER are you?
Still proud to be driving that big blue SCREW? :-)

Any-who, hope you are still making miles for WERNER, I did myself and am glad I did to date. I drove flat-bed and will tell you that fleet had drivers with miles doing OTR trainer team and OTR solo.
Brought in about $900/week myself, winter conditions/season was off that by $250/wk at times.
I did run dedicated for a bit, and that suggests I went back to OTR ay?
TALK TO OTHER WERNER Flat-bed Drivers from training teams and the old-salt solos.

Catch you on the highway, HR.
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Old 12-15-2009, 03:14 AM
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Default Re: For Werner Drivers

Big Joe states "Its amazing how someone will commit themselves to a school and a job and then ask how they will make it." Considering the economy and the state of the job market these days I am not surprised at all. Sure I would find out as much about a company before I committed too. But hey I would rather see a young guy do what he is doing rather than doing nothing. A lot of folks are just giving into hopeless despair and doing nothing.

To all the new guys coming out of school I would suggest the following. There are a lot of small to medium size companies out there that will take a newbie and send them out with a trainer for a few weeks just like Werner. PGT Trucking is one of them and they are a good company to work for. Werners business model is setup to take newbies for no more than a year and drive them out and constantly replace with more newbies.

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