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Old 06-19-2008, 01:07 PM
calitruckin calitruckin is offline
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Default no OTR experience

Hello guys, I know that most companies want someone with at least a year's experience of driving and of course a good clean record. But I have come across a few trucker's that drives locally and are home every night. One trucker told me some of them never had any OTR experience. They were hired straight out of training after they obtain their CDL. He says the only downfall about local routes is sometimes he could be out for 12-14 hours, and then on occasions he could be out and be back at home within 6-7 hours. so its pretty unstable hours.

So my question is, what are the chances of someone with no OTR experience who just got their CDL from a private school to land a job that only runs locally or I guess what you guys call it dedicated runs?
I mean I know its possible, but are the chances good enough to take the risk of going into a program that doesnt gaurantee a job but will assist in helping you finding a local job. Or should I stick with the OTR program that will place you in a job as promise?
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Old 06-19-2008, 06:49 PM
joehill joehill is offline
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Default Re: no OTR experience

Good luck with that one guy...

A lot of us out here have been driving OTR for years, and can't buy a local job..

Of course that all depends on where you live, and your potential employer..

Driving OTR will give you the experience you'll need that hopefully will land you a local gig.

Not too many employers are gonna give somebody the keys to their truck with no experience.You'll get that experience on the road..

No offense to you, but the trucking schools really don't teach you much.They really only teach you enough to get a learners permit so you can get out with a trainer, who will cram a lotta info in your head in a few weeks.

After that you will take a road test and get your hard copy CDL..

If you can get a local job right out of school, than more power to you!

It happened for a guy I trained with, he got a job with a furniture store in North Carolina..

Most of us though, end up on the road..

It's not the worst thing..

If you can't find a local job,go out on the road for a while.Get some experience, and keep your eyes on the newspaper..

Some of the larger companies also offer dedicated routes or regional runs.They offer a somewhat more predictable schedule, and hometime..

Good luck..

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Old 06-19-2008, 08:13 PM
driver777 driver777 is offline
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Default Re: no OTR experience

Let's see local:

Monday: Get up at 5 A.M to get to the shop by 6:30

Drive all day doing, pick ups, deliveries, dropping trailers, picking up trailers. Sit in traffic half the day, get back to the shop by 7 P.M.

Get home by 8, by the time you take a shower and eat something it's past 9. Watch a little TV and by the time you're in bed it is past 11. Sleep your 5.5 hours and when 5 rolls around you have to force yourself out of bed.

Repeat this 5 times and by Friday you' re beyond exhausted. You get your paycheck it's $650 NET. Thats if you got 10 hours overtime at $16 bucks an hour. (They won't pay you more than that with no experiance.)

Sounds like fun eh? Find a good dedicated run where you are out no more than 4 days a week.
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Old 06-20-2008, 08:16 PM
brooklyngene brooklyngene is offline
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Default Re: no OTR experience

Amen! Driver777, My typical day in FL., Wake up at 3, pack my lunch, hour drive to the shop, PTI, check load (can't trust them kids, unsecured load, might have to re-arrange/secure load), drive. Deliver the goods, eat lunch on the road (keep that left door closed), go back to, deliver, back to shop. P/U at Orlando (from Plant City, why couldn't you tell me that before I got here? Got Nextel and a cell I just came from up North!!) 3 hour drive?? "You're getting paid for it driver". It's 2:30, drive through rush hour and tourist traffic...Put down 'da map will 'ya!?, sheesh. Get loaded, thank god I'm cool with the guys at the P/U (load me up quick) back to the shop. 9 o'clock if I'm LUCKY, hammer down all the way, 70 MPH speed limit..yeah right!And that's a straight truck, Class B. Wake up and do it all again. Hours of service? Hahaha!! What you talkin' bout Willis? Sleep?, you need sleep? Best of luck, keep your eyes and ears open. Check out my post...Would you? And, would you?

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Old 07-16-2008, 08:05 PM
purplepassionpit purplepassionpit is offline
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Default Re: no OTR experience

u know finding a local driving position with no otr exp is pretty much slim to none.where i live there r many local jobs.but they all require exp and the ones that dont say anything about exp will tell u how much exp they require when u fill out an application or call them.if i were u i would quit trying to land a local job bcause unfortunately youre out of luck.go otr and get the exp.ive been driving otr 3 yrs and i really enjoy it.i just quit a company that steals from the drivers for there personal use.i didnt even receive a last now im sueing them for 5 grand ppl tell me i should have went for 10. they took 440.00 out for rd brkdwn and its not even my trk.just bcause fuel is so high thats no reason to take from the drivers to support their trks.but anyways good luck
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