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Old 09-25-2009, 05:46 PM
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Default retraining for cdl

does anyone know of companys offering retraining courses for drivers with no recent experence
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Old 09-25-2009, 09:35 PM
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Default Re: retraining for cdl

Originally Posted by dieseldan27 View Post
does anyone know of companys offering retraining courses for drivers with no recent experence
Dan, could you define "retraining" course and tell us how it might differ from a regular training course?

Reading over your past posts, it appears that you've been putzing around for 10 months looking for a driving job and that hints to me that you've had very little luck. Maybe your approach ("Hey, I've got experience!") needs adjustment. Now if your "experience" was during the past couple of years, you already know which big generic companies train drivers. If the experience ended, say, ten years ago the answer is about the same -- the same big generic carriers that have always had driving schools. Why not call them?

Personally, I wouldn't put much stock in ancient past experience because the companies want the new meat in the seat that is flooding in from other depressed industries. You can bet they won't pay a penny per mile for an oldtimer (with O/O experience, whoo hoo!) when the newb comes so cheap. Even when times were good, many larger companies insisted on "recent experience" or it was back to school for the applicant.

When I went through driving school, there were 4 guys in the class that supposedly had prior experience and one was supposedly an O/O. One of them (the O/O) was smart enough to keep his mouth shut about his "experience." They didn't impress anyone in the classroom, on the backing range or on the road and none finished near the top of the class. The moral of the story is that (in any profession) it is always better to keep silent about our knowledge, skills and abilities to bosses, teachers and peers. We only blow smoke to those who hire us. Let those who would teach us be amazed by how 'quickly' we catch on.

I won't suggest trying the smaller outfits because you probably already have. I also believe you've probably tried the online applications, right? I don't know what else to suggest other than to keep trying with multiple apps.

I wish you luck.
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