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Default Re: Were over due for another Hoffa.

If you want a better understanding of why O/Os can't legally organize a "union" and bargain collectively, visit this page linked from the site that Jr used. Read it and then follow the link ("change to state law" midway down the page) to see what is needed to classify O/Os as employees in just one state (WA) -- a law to make it legal.

The last link is to a hearing and the bill being discussed is their HB2395. It takes a while to download but you'll hear a few pros adn cons, including testimony from this outfit that contracts with the O/Os, as well as from two O/Os.

Think the bill will become law? I doubt it and the two O/Os are stating that then want to remain independent... The first guy is interesting in that he is 52, has 4 trucks, drives 1, has 3 employees working for him, put two kids through college, bought his own home, and started a retirement account several years ago. Funny thing is, he sounds foreign born and managed to accomplish that in 19 years of really nasty port drayage work... Oh, the native born guy sounds like he is doing just fine too.

I'd almost bet that MacMillan-Piper arranged for those two guys to testify and they'll be rewarded somehow. I can only imagine the impact of their words on the legislators... Sounds like American success story, no?

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