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Default Re: buying a used truck

Originally Posted by mw2012 View Post
I am thinking about buying a used truck but having trouble deciding if I should buy newer with less miles ex500,600,000 miles hope to run it for 200k or so or buy750/900k and plan ona sooner rebuild.Also could use suggestions on hp. Can't see any real advantage with going to big with fuel as it is. Think I would prefer 10/13 spd versus ultra shift with years around 03 to 07. Any intelligent advice out there except don't do it. Thanks mw2012

Hi, MW, and welcome to Layover.

Your question is a bit like me asking which firearm or motorcycle should I buy. Unless you know something about me and the intended use, you simply can't answer the question. So, with that in mind:

- How long have you been driving?

- Have you ever run a business?

- What do you plan on hauling?

- Which company will you lease to or will you haul for yourself?

- What is the cost of the typical truck in the two categories you are considering?

- How much of the total cost are you financing?

- Have you calculated the CPM of operating those trucks?

- Do you know the difference between fixed and variable costs and have you penciled them out?

- Do you know the difference between gross, settlement and net profit?

- What will your net profit be hauling typical loads?

- Do you have an extra $5K - $10K in your bank account to cover unforeseen problems and get you through the lean times?

When you answer those questions, we might be able to give you an honest answer.

BTW, this makes no sense --

Any intelligent advice out there except don't do it.

Depending upon your answers to the questions above, why would you not want to hear "don't do it" if that is the answer that would keep you from making a horrible financial move?

We look forward to hearing more from you.
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