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Default Re: buying a used truck

Originally Posted by mw2012 View Post
Sorry, I sort of figured that getting a suggestion from someone else that has pondered this question and had either made a right or wrong decission when they did it would be difficult. As far as your list of questions, requirements,experience knowledge etc I'm having a hard time understanding what they have to do with my questions.In fact I don't even understand why you would even care.I didn't post this for and evaluation of my knowledge or ability. Just hoping to draw on someones experience with the subject. Oh well, thanks for your attempt at a viable response. mw2012

I thought my point made sense but maybe it didn't so, simply put, there still is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to your question.

F'rinstance, for an experienced trucker (with business experience, crunched numbers, some savings and a solid lease pulling high-dollar freight) one type of truck might be a better bet even though it's doubtful that he'll more than make what he could have made with a good company as a company driver.

On the other hand, for an inexperienced trucker (with zero business experience, no numbers, no bank account and no clue about what he'll haul and for whom) just about any truck will do. If that rookie has already made up his mind to buy, so much the better. One of the overpriced "steals" from SelectTrucks with $995 down would probably be the most painless way to go because this driver will be out of business and right back in a company truck within a year. Sadder but wiser...

See where I'm coming from?

I've owned two trucks and neither of them earned me more than I could have made with a really good company. The only advantage to buying my own was that I could take massive amounts of home time without slip-seating.
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