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Default Re: buying a used truck

Howdy MW!
Welcome to Layover.
Originally Posted by mw2012 View Post
Sounds to me juno hoo that you are just the person to give me the advice i'm lookin for. When you bought your 1st truck what did you U do? If you bought a 2nd truck was it for U to drive or did you have 2 trucks on the road?Or was it because the first truck need ed replacing due to miles etc. and or not worth rebuilding. answer this for me and maybe we'll be getting somewhere with out all the hoop de la.
Don't be too hasty to dismiss Juno's hoop-de-la. Whereas it might not be information that you're currently seekin', it might be information that's good to know sometime in the near future.
Presenting the extra information can also be a reminder for a question that needs to be asked And, as an added bonus, Juno doesn't charge any more for the extra information.

However, readin' through hoop-de-la is time consumin' and can be frustratin' if you're only wantin' the Cliff Notes. I'm thinkin' Juno will edit his replies to fit this format. Juno's answers are pretty accurate either way.
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