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Default Re: buying a used truck

Thanks for the comeback aftre shock. Just FYI. I have been driving for 14 yrs class of 1998. I have driven in 36 states and most major us cities with about 75/80% in the NE and yes including the Bronx and Brookyln. I have pulled van,reefer,flats and tankers and am currently semi-retired leaving out 2 early evening nites a week and returning the next nite after 900 to 950 m each trip. Before trucking I have managed more than one business dealing with major companys in several areas of production but mainlly industrial mechanical areas. I don't really have to begin this trek I'm considerang but besides enjoying the ride have my reasons and don't feel compled to elaberate on them.I will be running under my own authority and as far as what i'll be hauling ,for who,for how much etc. well honestly I can't seem to find anyone to give me any gaurentee. If you know of someone that does without a lease please feel free to elaberate. As far as the math, I have done the research know how to do the calculations and also am confident in my own ability. My biggest liability is that I was a company driver, my last truck being a NEW 09 30mi when I picked it up. and the main questions I needed to get involved in where compliance,safety,maintenance ETC,ETC,ETC.

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