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Old 07-06-2004, 07:44 PM
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Default Help!!!!

GOD!!! I hate vacation. Fireworks were nice, food was good...but PLEASE get me out of this house. WHEN do I go back to work????? I need to go back to work to get sum rest!!!

For all you girls out there who can actually cook, send me recipe's or sumthin'. I tried to cook the basic's. (southern basic's) Beans..cornbread..tenderloin..I burned the eggs were rotten..buttermilk was spoiled..and nobody will eat 'cause they're afraid they'll get food poisioning.

True Story...My momma used to make the best homemade biscuits. I decided I had enuff cooking experience under my belt to "one up" my momma. I lived in Alabama at the time and my next door neighbor had the prettiest little beagle puppy you ever saw. I made two pans of the ugliest lookin' drops of crud you could imagine. So, bad, my kids just shook their heads at and laughed. I threw them out in the back yard. My next door neighbors dog came in my yard and ate BOTH pans of biscuits. (Of course, he probably buried sum) but honest to GOD the dog died. I kid you not, he died???? THANK GOD those kids didn't eat 'em. and they'd eat about anything. From that point on, it was always the flaky kind in a can. (they were always still a little suspicious)

I read a post from a lady who said she could cook in a truck. that like heated beanie wiennies in a can???
Old 07-06-2004, 08:25 PM
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Default Truck Cooking

How about Venison Roast Loin with potatoes, onions, carrots? Green bean . Swiss steak and gravy with steamed baked potatoes and peas. You can cook on the truck, I did it for six years. Christmas was game hens with wild rice stuffing, smashed potatoes in cream and butter, etc. Get a portable stove, a portable electric grill, and a lunch box stove. It was fun and easy, and you could always get him to stop for dinner. He could smell it cooking. Never got on the truck biscuits down but brown and serve work. LOL. I feed more than one driver and I never got a complaint on the food. Anyone can cook.
Old 07-06-2004, 09:52 PM
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Default old southern

most of it is easy, read by the box, it takes alot of practice to cook, most of us it just comes natural, follow the directions, I lived in ala they eat diffrent than florida do, cornbread is best if you buy jiffy corn muffin, 1 egg and 1/4 cup milk stir put in greased pan cook for 15 min at 400 its easy, best thing get you one of those elctric griddles for steaks and hamburgers,you can go to a website whenever I have cookouts I always ask my daughter in laws its best to stop at the deli or good old kentucky fried chicken, I would rather show them than them cook (get the message)my son eats out alot!!shes learning
Old 07-07-2004, 03:55 AM
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Default you can do it

Get an inverter put into your truck, at least 700 to 1000 watt coverage and then go online to crock pot reciepes and you can cook a ton of stuff in the truck! I make a super baked chicken and dressing in the crockpot as well as a peach cobbler. And it's easy.. I look for receipes that require 6 or less ingredients and keep it simple..I have used the burton stove as well..and you would be surprised what you can come up with using cooking bags..and cream of mushroom can do a roast...with potatoes, carrots and onions...and eat like a queen..and use the left over roast for sandwiches..sure beats truck stop and fast food stuff. In my first truck, had a microwave and a george foreman grill and there was'nt anything I could'nt cook between the 3 appliances. But cooking is like backing a truck...the more you do it..the better you get..good luck pepper.
Old 07-07-2004, 06:06 AM
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Default cookin'

I'm impressed!!! and I appreciate ya'll's good advice. But, I will say this...there is no way my boss would ever let ME put electrical appliances in that truck. He's known me for 20 years..and is not about losing his property to fire damage. And I am being serious.

There were sum good recipe's though. I got tickled when I read the venicin and potatoes...But I had to wonder where you come up with the deer meat??? Do I dare tell on myself here too??
Old 07-07-2004, 10:49 AM
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Default LOL

Y'all are crackin' me up here!! LOL Especially you pepper! LOL

If the boss won't let you have electrical appliances on the rig then try this- - -It's the "old dogs way" of savin' $ and gettin' a decent meal OTR! Honest injun! I have friends in the biz that still do this!........

Buy yourself a couple small tin pans (like you bake brownies in). Get yourself a couple rolls of tin foil, a small cooler (the ones that plug into the cigarette lighter work best- -no ice to sog your food), a few groceries(potaoes, onions,sausages,chops,beef, cooking oil, flatjack mix,syrup,peanut butter, jam, butter and a box of bisquick). For slow cooking stew like meals- - line that pan with foil, put meat, onions and taters in with a lil spice and oil , wrap it up good and duct tape it to the motor under the hood. Let it "cook" there for about an hour or two while you drive then enjoy! For bisquits (made with the bisquick)- - -you'll have to do this standing still- - open the hood- -place pan on motor to heat up place bisquits on pan, cover lightly with foil, cook 40 min or so(gotta watch them or they burn on the bottom and don't cook on top) and enjoy!Flatjacks done the same way but w/o foil cover! ();-)
Old 07-07-2004, 10:59 AM
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Default campin out

I actually saw an OTR couple cooking on a coleman propane stove in the parking lot while their truck was being unloaded!! She was peeling potatoes and he was adding onions to the roast when I walked over and said hello. He said they do it all the time when weather allows.( and it beats truck stop prices!!) Sometimes they even feed other drivers and have a picnic... I guess since your truck is home away from home, you'd might as well enjoy yourself... :-)
Old 07-07-2004, 11:41 AM
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Default Angel...

The sad part about it is, I'm telling the truth!! My daughter came in last nite, starved to death and I told her I had dinner on the stove. She walked over and looked at it, and I said "hold on, I'll explain it to you.."she turned around, looked at me real funny and said.."It's ok, Mom..I ain't eatin' nuthin you got to 'explain'" I guess that was a bad choice of words..considering all they've been through.

Old 07-07-2004, 01:56 PM
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Default oh forgot

Oh yes forgot to mention, i believe that is why they discovered microwave cooking, I think it came from a man , cause he wanted a nice time home to relax and have a quick meal , and believe it or not wow microwave, in just 2 min you can have a nice meal!!
Old 07-07-2004, 06:45 PM
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Default pepper.......

...I hear 'ya gal I do!! ();-)

Just send those younguns of yours this way! I must be a darn good cook- - my kids (ages 28 and 30 yrs) and grandkids (ages 3, 5 and 9) and half the neighbor kids all seem to show up right around meal times since I'm off the road!Heck even my Mom and Grandma show up for 1/2 our meals! LOL A few more folks at the table can only be merrier right?? ();-)

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