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Old 07-15-2004, 09:59 AM
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Default How does a "brain fart" happen?

A couple of months ago, summer was coming, and I had debated on buying a new 4-wheeler. While on my way home one Sunday, I passed a Jeep for sale. It looked a little rough around the edges, and I thought with a "little love" it could be alot of fun. It had these big massive tires on it, and a "lift kit", and I was told it had a real good motor in just needed a clutch. So, I did what I was suppose to do, and took an objective opinion to look at it with me. (Granted it was dark). But, I got a "thumbs up".

First thing I did was go to a body shop, and got an estimate on the paint job and body work. Cheap enough, of course, there is no body to it, really.
Clutch went in ok..and so did the U-Joints..the hubs, rotors, and new brake lines. Took a while to get the new "dip stick". (the old one was broke off). The leaks in the power steering pump and the rear end get fixed tommorrow, the new "flow masters" go on today, the busted shocks and the steering suspension bar..well, hey, you gotta get that fixed, right? (seeings how you can't keep it in the road)..

Hadda alot of fun out of "that ole Jeep" this summer..All five of the miles I've driven it..the wind was blowin' thru my hair, the sun was out, and I still see what I saw when I first fell in love..dang those tires looked good!!!
Old 07-15-2004, 07:00 PM
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Default join the club

Guess we have all been there. Recently I saw a site that listed the ten worse vehicles every produced...and ****..if I had'nt owened 5 of them!!!!

ha ha
Old 07-16-2004, 08:37 AM
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Default funny..ha ha

You ought to hear that bad boy purr....the chrome "tips" look purdy darn good, too!!

Decided to drive it down the road last nite..enjoy the sunset..and I smell something..(now the rear end's been leakin', right?) I smell something..bad. Smoke.

I pull over and think..Lord, this rear end is gonna lock up on me or catch on fire...I call my son in law to come drag me home..and he says.."You dummy, the "new" is just burnin' off the exhaust system". He came over later to look at it..and he says, "You know, for what you're gonna have tied up in this old thing, you coulda bought 2 4-wheelers.." Duh!!! I still can't ride but one at a time.

Old 07-16-2004, 09:00 PM
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Default hang in there pepper

i've been a jeep girl forever and woul'dnt drive anything else(well except my beemer is pretty fun, but like your jeep for sure a project car)
anyway once you get the bugs ironed out i think you'll love it once fixed they go forever,my last one is an 86 and still runs great,only bought a new one this year to get a 6cyl.
there's a bunch of great jeep sites online if you look around a bit..who knows you might even find the mechanic of your dreams...

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