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Old 01-08-2005, 04:13 PM
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Default What single men and women are looking for!

When American Demographics magazine polled 1500 single men and women in an online survey about the characteristics they most desired in an opposite sex partner, the lists were a perfect match.

Intelligence was the "most wanted" quality, ranked as extremely important or very important by 79% of respondents. The next most important quality was "funny", by 70%, attractive with 34%, athletic at 12%, and finally wealthy, just 6%. (explains why us truckers are struggling finding This hierarchy holds true across not only sex but every other demographic segment, including age, income, level of education, race, and ethnicity.

It wasn't a surprise to find that intelligence was so important, but was surprising that wealth ranked so low with women, since women in years passed have considered the man's income to be important.

The switch can be attributed to the women's earning power has improved. Now that women have status, they can look for attractiveness, just like men do.

The poll also asked singles where they look for people to date, and allowed for multiple answers. Friends, co-workers, and family were the most common sources mentioned by 65%. 36% mentioned work, 27% said school, 26% met online, and 26% in bars or coffee shops. Fewer than 20% met at their place of worship, at libraries and bookstores, or at the gym.

Logically, the sexes reported meeting at the same kinds of places. But there were differences for other demographic groups. Those who are single again (divorced or widowed) are much more likely than singles who have never married to meet dates on the Internet (42% vs 22%), but are less likely to meet in libraries and bookstores (4% vs 12%) than those who have remained spouse free.

The survey found that 71% of women say they are willing to make the first phone call after a good date. If it is the guy making the call, 64% of the fellows say they will call within a day, 29% wait two to three days, and 2% wait four days before calling.

If on the other hand, things dont go so well during the date, 22% of women will have a plan for ending the date quickly, compared to 11% of the men.

Asked what they would most prefer to do on a special date, the sexes are a fairly close match. Eating in a nice restaurant is the first choice for 46% of men, and 39% of women. Women (26%) would like to go to a concert, movie, or theatre, compared to 21% of men. Men, on the other hand, favor dinner at home or on a picnic (18%) but just 13% of women agree (perhaps being afraid they will be expected to cook, making things less special)

But it is women who like to go to an amusement park, mini-golf, go-carts, or arcade-14% compared to 6% of men.

Disneyland anyone?

Hope this sheds some light on where you are looking and what you plan to do on the special first date.


Old 01-09-2005, 01:05 PM
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Default ();-)

I read a similar article in Family Health Magazine. The difference in the 2 articles was that in the one I read it also included the statistics about health issues and their relevance to a healthy relationship.

The poll group used for the article I read included single men and women age 25 to 65.They were split into 2 subgroups- - those who had never been in a commited long term relationship and those who had but for various reasons were single again.

98% of men and 92% of women who had never been in a commited long term relationship said excellent health was important to them in their potential mate.

60% of men and 54% of women who had been in previous commited long term relationships said excellent health was important.

Most of the men and women who had not been in long term relationships expected more on a first date. For example most of them chose going out to a nice restaraunt and a movie or something to do with the arts (see a play or concert). However the group who had been in previous relationships chose slightly simpler more intimate "first dates". They chose things like a picnic and drive in the country,a homecooked candlight dinner at their home or their dates or simply going out for a sandwich and coffee.

After reading that article my thoughts were......

Hhmmmmm seems that when we are young and fresh we tend to have higher expectations and are more demanding in choosing a partner. As we age and experience more of life we become more relaxed and accepting of things.Most of us have learned that our 20 year old bodies don't last forever. Some of us have learned that it doesn't take an expensive dozen roses and bottle of champagne to make a great first impression.Just being presentable and being yourself are the 2 key points to making a 1st impression that could last a lifetime!

Old 01-09-2005, 07:39 PM
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Default External world

Hi angel,
This world tends to be external. That is why you see slender, tall supermodels selling products on tv. Most people are out looking for the trophy. Someone who looks good on their arm. What most dont understand is that the true trophy is a heart of gold. That never ages, it only grows stronger the more it is exercised. Peace

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