Computer Friendly Truck Stops


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  • Location: Ash Fork, Exit 149 on I-40
    Other information: All the phones can be unplugged.

  • Location: Eloy
    Truckstop: Flying J
    Other information: Has data jacks on their phones.

  • Location: Holbrook, Exit 292 I-40
    Truckstop: Shell Truck Plaza
    Other information: Table phones unplug--Manager said OK.

  • Location: Kingman,
    Truckstop: Behind the Snobird fuel stop, The Stage Stop Restaurant
    Other information: All their phones will unplug and one corner table has an electrical outlet.

  • Location: Nogales
    Other information: Has phone jacks on their phones.

  • Location: Quartzsite, I-10
    Other information: Has one phone with a data jack possibility.

  • Location: Quartzsite, I-10
    Truckstop: Pilot
    Other information: Has new sprint telephones with datajack. Lifthorn and press # twice to activate datajack-outlet. Procede as displayed on the phone.

  • Location: I-10@ exit 103
    Truckstop: Rip Griffen's
    Other information: Their phone room has 3 jacks with no phones. Choose one!

  • Location: Kingman, at Mile Marker 48 on I-40
    Truckstop: 76