Computer Friendly Truckstops


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  • Location: Big Springs, I-80 Exit 107
    Truckstop: Bosselman's
    Other information: Has plug ins already installed in the phone booths. Also has 110 volts so you don't need to run your laptop off the battery. Also, upstairs in the drivers lounge, there's a small area with phone and 110 volt hook ups.

  • Location: Grand Island, I-80 Exit 312
    Truckstop: Bosselman's

  • Location: Lincoln, I-80 Exit 395
    Truckstop: Shoemaker's

  • Location: Odessa, I-80 Exit 263
    Truckstop: Sapp Bros.

  • Location: Omaha, I-80 Exit 440
    Truckstop: Sapp Bros.

  • Location: York
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: Has internet access, email, online games and digital video offerings through a Nanopoint internet kiosk.