Computer Friendly Truckstops

New Mexico

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  • Location: Albequerque, I-25 1st exit North of I-40
    Truckstop: TA
    Other information: All the table phones in the front of the dining room will unplug.

  • Location: Jamestown, I-40 x Exit 39
    Truckstop: Giant T/S

  • Location: Las Cruces, I-10 Exit 139
    Truckstop: TA

  • Location: Milan, I-40 Exit 79
    Truckstop: Petro

  • Location: Moriarty, I-40 exit 194
    Truckstop: Rip Griffin's
    Other information: Restaurant has table phones that can be un-plugged.

  • Location: Road Forks, I-10 Exit 5

  • Location: Springer, I-25, Exit 419
    Truckstop: Russell Truck & Travel
    Other information: There are phones you can remove to connect to the Internet at the booths in the restaurant.

  • Location: Tuscumcari, I-40 at Exit 329
    Truckstop: Tucumcari Truck Terminal
    Other information: In the driver's lounge theres a bank of nine separate pay phones. Each cubicle has a separate phone jack for modem usage, and electrical outlets. In the restaurant, the entire west wall is equipped with traditional phones and ac-outlets that can also be used for laptop hookups.

  • Location: Tuscumcari, I-40
    Truckstop: Love's Truckstop
    Other information: Phone at rear table comes off.