Computer Friendly Resources


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  • Location: New Milford, Exit 66 I-81
    Truckstop: Gibson Travel Plaza
    Other information: Has phones in restaurant on tables and also In drivers lounge on tables.

  • Location: Bentlyville, Exit 12b off of I 70
    Truckstop: Pilot
    Other information: Phones are in Restaraunt.

  • Location: Exit 1 from I-90 on east side of road.
    Other information: Phones in restaraunt can be unplugged

  • Location: Exit 49 off of I-81
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: Phones in Restaraunt.

  • Location: Exit 15 off of I-80
    Truckstop: Double J's
    Other information: Phones in Restaraunt.

  • Location: Bartonsville, I-80 Exit 46B
    Truckstop: American Falcon Trucksto
    Other information:

  • Location: Carlisle
    Truckstop: Texaco Truckstop
    Other information: There is a booth that has Internet & AOL access. The booth is located in the restaraunt.

  • Location: Duncannon, Route 322
    Truckstop: All American

  • Location: Breezewood, I-70 at PA Tpk
    Truckstop: TA

  • Location: Emlenton, I-80 Exit 5
    Truckstop: Emlenton Truck Plaza
    Other information: Table phones have extra jack on side. They also have an Internet kiosk.

  • Location: Harborcreek
    Truckstop: Travelport
    Other information: All the table phones in the restaurant are usable. You'll have to convince the waitresses they can't have your computer!

  • Location: Reynoldsville, I-80 Exit 15
    Truckstop: Diamond J's Truckstop
    Other information: Has installed data jacks in the "smoking loft" of the restaurant.