• Location: Amarillo
    Truckstop: TA
    Other information: Has 2 phones with data port. Regular phone is easy to disconnect.

  • Location: Beaumont
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: Laptop plug-in at non-smoking area of dining room.

  • Location: Dallas, I-20 Exit 472
    Truckstop: Flying J
    Other information:

  • Location: El Paso, Downtown Airways Blvd. Exit
    Truckstop: Chevron
    Other information: Phones at table can be removed.

  • Location: El Paso, Exit 37
    Truckstop: Exxon
    Other information: They have data links on some phones in restaurant and in phone booths. Also have a site set up in case your laptop isn't working.

  • Location: Hooks
    Truckstop: Texaco, Hook's Truckstop
    Other information: Phones in restaurant come off the wall.

  • Location: Houston, Exit 50 on 45
    Truckstop: Pilot
    Other information: Has hookups in the Wendy's inside the truck stop.

  • Location: Mesquite, 30 West Exit 54 on left hand side of road
    Truckstop: TA

  • Location: 30 West Exit 572
    Truckstop: Flying J

  • Location: Pecos, I-20 Exit 42 US 285
    Truckstop: Flying J
    Other information: Has 4 booths in lounge area w/unpluggable phones and 800 number access.

  • Location: Rockwall, 30 East Exit 69 on right hand side of road.
    Truckstop: 76

  • Location: I-20 Exit 501
    Truckstop: Rip Griffins
    Other information: Just unplug phone from the wall jack.

  • Location: Weatherford, I-20
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: Phone in restaurant at counter come off;there are dataportds in Wendy's.

  • Location: East of El Paso
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: Phone jacks in rear of restaurant in the non-smoking section.

  • Location: San Antonio, I-10, Exit 582
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: One of the pay phones has a data port.