Computer Friendly Truckstops


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  • Location: Ogden, I-15
    Truckstop: Pilot

  • Location: Salt Lake City
    Truckstop: Sapp Brothers
    Other information: They have a table (big round one by the buffet) that has an electric outlet and a phone jack that you can dial a local number for your computer.

  • Location: Snowville
    Truckstop: Flying J

  • Location: Toole
    Truckstop: TA
    Other information: They have redone their restaurant, and put in modem jacks and power outlet along with a phone at the the table. They have no problems with using them for any period of time.

  • Location: Toole
    Truckstop: 6 Truckstop
    Other information: Phone jacks in rear of restaurant.