Computer Friendly Truckstops


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  • Location: Doswell
    Truckstop: All American
    Other information: I-95 Exit 98

  • Location: Fredericksburg
    Truckstop: Service Town Truck Plaza
    Other information: Restaurant phones come off the wall.

  • Location: I-95 Exit 104 Carmel Church
    Truckstop: Pilot
    Other information: Inside DQ can unplug headset and use that cord.
    Great food, games, theater, shopping, truck repair shop, laundry, showers, easy access to fueling and so much more! Gotta see it!

  • Location: Raphine, Exit 205
    Truckstop: White's 76
    Other information: In the trucker's section.

  • Location: Raphine
    Truckstop: Wilco
    Other information: I-81 Exit 205

  • Location: South Lynchburg, US 29
    Truckstop: Auto/Truck Plaza

  • Location: Wytheville, I-77/81
    Truckstop: Flying J
    Other information: Has extra ports installed just for laptops; no need to unplug table phones.