Computer Friendly Truckstops


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  • Location: Black River Falls, I-94 at Exit 116
    Truckstop: The Bar B
    Other information: Removable phones in the restaurant.

  • Location: Cadott, WI 29
    Truckstop: River Country Plaza

  • Location: Eau Claire, I-94 Exit 59
    Truckstop: Burger King
    Other information: One phone line at the small table, all other phones are screwed in!

  • Location: Franksville, I-94 Exit 329
    Truckstop: Pilot
    Other information: Sprint phones in Arby's.

  • Location: Madison, I-90/94 Exit 132
    Truckstop: The Peterbilt Dealer
    Other information: Not a truck stop, but has an internet access phone jack in the waiting room/lounge.

  • Location: North of Madison
    Truckstop: TA
    Other information: Table/booths--the phones come off and have open local access numbers.

  • Location: Oak Creek, Exit 322 off of I-94
    Truckstop: Milwaukee Travel Center
    Other information: Phones in restaurant wont unplug from wall but you can unplug the line from from the headset and plug it in the computer.

  • Location: Oak Creek, Exit 322
    Truckstop: Speedway
    Other information: Has phones with data ports in the restaurant.

  • Location: Portage, I-90/94 Exit 108a
    Truckstop: Petro
    Other information: Phones in Iron Skillet come off the wall.