Layover.com's Owner-Operator section is dedicated to helping trucking owner-operators better run their business. Find information on locating loads, owner-operator trucking jobs, and more.

Trucking owner-operators need special business skills and knowledge to be successful in the trucking industry. If you are an independent owner-operator, you need to have a special understanding of the motivation and dedication it takes to make it in this business. This section of Layover.com is for the owner-operators and those who want to learn how to become one.

Trucking Industry Articles/Columns

  • The Grapevine - Would you believe that Tucson, AZ has a "Port" in the desert! Last month, the first international ocean container arrived at the Port of Tucson, AZ making the trip from China in 20 days. Now intermodal freight from overseas destined for the U.S. has been going on for years but now it has a new way to make it farther inland without having to rely as much on trucks for the long haul...
  • Tax Tips - Q: I am currently a company driver in the process of becoming an owner-operator. I am trying to arrange financing for the purchase of my equipment but have been notified of a ding on my credit report. I know this is an error as everything is in good standing. What can I do?...


  • Working With Your Dispatcher/Broker - As an Owner Operator, you are a businessman or businesswoman, so you should always carry yourself accordingly. We all know that the first impression is the lasting impression; in other words,...

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