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Links In This Category

  • Layover.com Load Board  pop
    In conjunction with the Internet Truckstop, we are providing the best online load matching service available.
    (Added: Sun Jan 16 2000 Hits: 3368

  • Direct Freight Services  pop
    Direct Freight Services lists loads and equipment for owner operators, truckers, trucking companies, dispatchers, and freight brokers free of charge.
    (Added: Tue Aug 24 1999 Hits: 3193

  • FreightFinder.com  pop
    Find truck loads fast and free.
    (Added: Tue Sep 05 2000 Hits: 2729

  • 123Loadboard
    The ultimate in load matching. Find loads, trucks and freight fast and easy. Post and find loads 24/7. Real-Time load and freight board and online load and freight matching services. Free 10-Day Trial!
    (Added: Mon Sep 20 2004 Hits: 1253

  • American Backhaulers
    Founded two decades ago on the concept that information and communication could revolutionize the logistics industry.
    (Added: Wed Aug 25 1999 Hits: 1565

  • Auto-Dispatch Transport Bulletin Board
    Auto/motorcycle transport board for vehcile transporters to find new loads.
    (Added: Thu Dec 30 2004 Hits: 747

  • Boston Carriers,Inc
    Boston Carriers, Inc. is a transportation company that provides truckload services and works hard to satisfy our customers' transportation needs.
    (Added: Fri Jun 27 2003 Hits: 1016

  • Carload USA
    Find auto transport loads online or get instant notification by email or text message when new auto loads matching your criteria are posted. Free 30-day trial.
    (Added: Thu Mar 17 2005 Hits: 771

  • Direct Freight Services
    We are a freight matching service with 30,000 unique loads posted daily.
    (Added: Fri Feb 27 2004 Hits: 933

  • Directloads.com
    Directloads.com, serving the needs of professional BROKERS & TRUCKERS, by providing a highly efficient and easy to use online truck load matching service.
    (Added: Thu Dec 04 2003 Hits: 1140

  • EzTruckLoads.com
    Search thousands of loads posted daily! Free 30 day trial offer.
    (Added: Wed Jun 11 2008 Hits: 313

  • Freight Finder
    Find loads or trucks fast and free at Freightfinder.com. No accounts required for searching.
    (Added: Thu Dec 25 2003 Hits: 1402

  • Freight Solutions
    A freight shipping company offers the most cost effective way to move your freight.
    (Added: Thu Dec 16 2004 Hits: 707

  • Freightmail
    Sign up to receive instant notification of available loads or trucks, free of charge. Post up to 20 your available loads or trucks at a time no registration required.
    (Added: Mon Feb 12 2001 Hits: 1086

  • Get Loaded
    Search thousands of Truck loads! Free 30 day trial offer.
    (Added: Thu Feb 12 2004 Hits: 825

  • Legendcanada Load Services
    We provide load services and dispatch for owner-operators and trucking companies.
    (Added: Tue Jan 06 2004 Hits: 718

  • LoadMatch.com
    Intermodal equipment matching for trucking companies hauling railroad or steamship equipment
    (Added: Wed Apr 19 2000 Hits: 1061

  • LoadMover
    Post your equipment and search loads for FREE! Our dispatchers will work to get you the best load possible when you post your available equipment.
    (Added: Thu Oct 30 2003 Hits: 1063

  • Loads by mail
    Receive available truckload and LTL information directly to your inbox, as it's posted.
    (Added: Sun Nov 18 2001 Hits: 872

  • Loadup - Free backloads UK & Europe
    Free load matching service for UK and Europe. Find or post Backloads. No passwords - No registration - Just use it.
    (Added: Sat Sep 23 2000 Hits: 944

  • Logistics Exchange/Load Matching
    Provides detailed load information exchanges and offers online bid submissions.
    (Added: Wed May 23 2001 Hits: 1089

  • MassMotion
    MassMotion offers load matching services for both shippers and carriers.
    (Added: Tue Aug 24 1999 Hits: 1145
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