Considering Companies and Training

Now that you have made the decision to drive a big rig, where do you turn? How do you determine what training program is appropriate? How does a driver become pre-hired? Glitzy recruiting advertisements are everywhere and now you have to wade through all the hype. Below are some tips to help you get started.

Looking at Companies
It is never too early to look at companies. Talking with companies even before you choose a driving school can be very beneficial. Some companies only hire students who've completed certified training programs that they approve of. This may even lead you to a company that will pre-hire you and reimburse your tuition. You may also come across a carrier school that would fit your needs. Be sure to organize your search. Talk with companies and their drivers. Visit company websites and compare their information. Knowing what schools your chosen carriers will hire from will help narrow your search for training.

Questions to ask of chosen carriers:
Do you hire students?
If yes, what are your requirements?
What schools do you hire from? Do you pre-hire?
Do you have a tuition reimbursement plan?
Do you have your own school and what is the agreement for attending?

What to Ask of a Training Program
It is important to know if the training program is certified and by whom. What companies come in to recruit at the school and what percentage of students are pre-hired/hired? How many hours are involved in the schooling: classroom, road, lab, and range? How many weeks long is the course and is boarding available?

Since the issue of finding training is so complex, we've dedicated an entire section to finding the right school. Review our "Choosing Your Training" section link for detailed information on public, private and carrier-sponsored schools.