Romance At Home

The same elements make up a perfect date no matter where it takes place. Surprise, creativity, humor, planning and interest. You can have the perfect date in your living room if you keep these key elements in mind. Creating the perfect romantic date comes from your heart not your wallet. Some of the most romantic moments and best times in our lives are created from desire, not from funds or elaborate plans. You can create intimate moments at home. Treat your lover and yourself to a home date.

To create the perfect at-home date, consider these basic elements. Surprise your beloved with an unexpected expression of your love and you will take his breath away. Be creative, keep it fun and use your resourcefulness. By tapping the child inside, you can be your best source of creativity. You don't need to spend tons of money, just a lot of imagination. Make sure to keep a sense of humor about everything. If you stress out and think that everything has to be just perfect, you will miss out on a lot of the fun yourself. Go with the flow of things and keep in mind, things go wrong. Laughter and lightheartedness can make any moment special--even when you think things are going completely wrong. Consider your partner's interest.

In case your creativity is in neutral here are some fun, creative and romantic at-home date ideas. Use these or adjust them to fit your desires. Remember, be creative and have fun with them.

The Bath: Fill the tub with warm water and float flower petals on the water. Light candles for the perfect mood. Leave a trail of flower petals for your beloved to follow when he gets home.

Board Games: Spend the evening playing board games and talking. Feed each other snacks and just laugh.

Dance: Turn on some soft music, turn off the lights and dance. Whisper sweet nothings and just hold each other.

The Couch Cuddle: Turn the lights down low and cuddle on the couch. You can also rent a "chic flick" and share a bowl of popcorn.

Scavenger Hunt: Leave hints starting at the front door for him or her to follow. At the end of the trail have a picnic ready. Or any other nice surprise you can think of.

A Lazy Day: Spend an entire day in bed. Get up to fetch the food or hit the shower and then back under the blankets for pillow talk and cuddling.

Cook: Make a meal together. Find a new recipe. Share a bottle of wine as you do.

Fingerpaint: Make a mess fingerpainting with colored vanilla pudding. Show your truly creative side.

Living Room Picnic: Lay out a tablecloth and a complete picnic in the middle of the living room, backyard or bed.

Remember When: Spend an evening going through old pictures, love letters and memories together. Re-ignite that old spark.

Hopefully one of these ideas will trigger your creative, romantic side. Remember, romance is an attitude. It's not about lots of flowers and candies. Romance can't be bought or sold. It's about saying I love you without the words.

By Angelia Phillips