Family Center E-List

The E-List is an email buddy solution for truck drivers and their families. Our lifestyle offers many challenges and by being a participant in this community we ease the distances in our lives and improve communication.

This is a list-serve program and each email written is received by everyone subscribed to the service. You can choose the digest version which will bundle up the emails and deliver them once a day instead of individually.

Those on the list have reached out to discuss parenting, current events, trucking, and just to chat. For many, the list becomes a community of friends we can turn to in our low moments or when we have something exciting to share with one another.

Who Can Subscribe?
Truck drivers, spouses, significant others, and other family and friends are welcome. You must be an adult to participate on the list.

How Do I Subscribe?
You must subscribe yourself as you need to enter a password of your choice. You can follow the link or click on the button below.

We suggest checking the help file in your particular email program for help in setting up a filter or sub-folder in which to direct the email coming from the list, thereby alleviating a congested main folder in your email program.

What If I Have Questions?
We are always here to serve you, and if you have questions or concerns feel free to contact the Administration at

Once you have subscribed there is a small lag time as their server processes your request. Keep any mail you receive as verification and bookmark this page as well. Soon you will be up and running!

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Comments From E-list Members

"The solution to a sink or swim situation" --KG

"Finally, a place where I can talk about my life with others who really understand it! I felt welcome and comfortable right away and have enjoyed exchanging information and support, plus having some laughs and sharing tears. Definitely a place to keep your sanity while the hubby is away." --TL

"I found this list at a point in time that I was to be a trucking spouse. For a couple of months, this group was there to comfort my fears, and help me to see that I was strong and I would survive. When I didn't actually get into the business, the group decided that I couldn't leave. I was their friend first and foremost. We laugh together; we cry together, we share everything. This isn't just an E-list, this is a family!" --TM

"I really don't know where I would have been without this group of fine ladies... they have been there for me on more than one occasion... they have picked me up some many times when things weren't going just right.... and got me through so much.... I don't know what I would have done without all the support I have gotten.... I love helping others when they are in need of someone to talk to. Just like a lot of them, have done for me."--TQ