Our Mission

The Layover.com Family Center began as "HOMEROAD," a simple one–page website created in a college classroom as a way to reach out to others living the trucking lifestyle. HOMEROAD was intended to meeting the needs of the trucking family by addressing everyday difficulties, major issues, and challenges unique to this lifestyle.

That first page created by Kim Thomas in June of 1997 grew through the feedback and correspondence of many other spouses and drivers. Evolving, HOMEROAD has joined with layover.com to bring you the only complete resource for driver and family needs as the Layover.com Family Center.

We know the importance of communication and giving voice to trucking families. Our efforts are to build a community of support for drivers and homefront spouses by providing information and services to build that community.

The original HOMEROAD stood for Hands Over Miles Easily Reaching Out Across Divides. In essence, this remains our mission--to provide the means by which we can build a supportive community for trucking families.

Layover.com Family Center Newsletter - A monthly email newsletter, updating you on issues and concerns in trucking.
Layover.com Family Center E-list - An email community offering friendship and support between trucking families.

With technology we can bring our families together, build community, and face the everyday difficulties and major issues unique to our lifestyle. Join our community. We welcome you!

The layover.com Family Center is your site, your voice, and your road home.