The DAC Report

Welcome to a special edition of "Ask the Recruiter." Instead of answering a couple of individual questions, I decided to address one of the most common topics drivers seem to be interested in when emailing me questions: the DAC Report. For reference, I have included a few of the questions that led to this column on the DAC, but trust me, there were many more and most were quite similar.

I also want to thank you again for questions that were sent to me since the last column. REMEMBER, if I don't answer your question in this column there is a good probability that a similar one has already been answered in a previous column (including topics related to felonies, DAC, etc.), so I encourage reviewing the archives when possible. Thank you for making this column the great success that it continues to be.


Do all companies run DAC reports? If not, what percentage of them would you estimate utilizes them? I have five-plus years experience, but the first company, which I worked at two years, listed some non-reportable things on my DAC like nicks, dings, overweight fines, hitting trailer top with tree branch, etc. There are eight of them on there. Makes it look like I'm the worst driver in the world, however my MVR is good. Please advise me on the DAC. Thanks.

My DAC report is affecting me from getting employed because of incidences from my previous employers. I've been out now for over three months and I'm concerned that if this continues it will affect my chances of employment due to the employment gap. The number of incidents on my DAC is about four, but they are just minor and I am frustrated because my marriage is collapsing due to my unemployed status. How can you assist me in finding those

Can I access my DAC report online and view it? If so, could I get the web address?

Will new trucking companies find out every trucking company you worked for? Some I left on bad terms. How far back will they check?


These are all very common questions from drivers. I seem to receive dozens of these questions on a fairly regular basis, so it is about time to address this again.
First, let's begin by defining the DAC report. It is actually no longer a DAC report, as DAC Services was purchased by US Investigation Services (USIS, Essentially, the report commonly referred to as a DAC report is an employment background report. But, for this article and if you contact USIS, we all know it is a DAC.

In order to report or receive information on truck drivers, the carriers must first become members of USIS. Right now there are approximately 2,500 carriers that utilize the DAC employment history file. What does this mean for you, the driver? It means that most major, mid level, and even small carriers will utilize this service. It means that it is highly likely any carrier you apply to or any carrier you work for will either check the DAC report or report to the DAC report. You cannot get away from it, and you cannot get around it so you may as well become familiar with what is on your report.

Carriers can report or review numerous items on the DAC report, including: dates of service, eligibility for return, reason for leaving, your status while employed, your driving experience, types of equipment, types of loads, a general comment on your work record/performance, accident information, drug violation information, your driver's license information, etc. Carriers simply select the appropriate code and it is entered into a computer. There is little room for explanation by the carriers--just a code will represent your work.

DAC reports are not private for carrier use only and drivers are able to receive copies of their individual reports. To do this you must request a copy of the DAC. All requests should be made by calling the USIS Consumer Department at 1-800-381-0645. There may be a nominal fee to receive your report.

It is possible that you will not agree with all of the information on your DAC report. If this is the case, you may make a rebuttal statement on the DAC. However, it should be noted that this will not remove whatever comments the carrier made, but your comments will be added to the report. This is actually very important because recruiters at carriers for which you are applying will consider your comments. To make a rebuttal, you need to call the USIS Consumer Department at 1-800-381-0645.

As a professional driver your income and career depend, at least in part, on what your DAC report says. For this reason I cannot recommend strongly enough that each and every driver request a copy of their DAC report and then scrutinize it closely.

I hope this helped answer everyone's questions regarding the DAC report. 

Written By: Mike Howe